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Alto Atacama -  Desert Lodge & Spa

The Alto Atacama seeks to open a traveler’s eyes, to explore, to feel, to connect, and to return revitalized and changed by a truly authentic experience one will never forget. Rather than simply taking photos as a passive traveler, Alto Atacama encourages guests to get off the beaten track, interact with the local indigenous culture and explore the desert’s varied and eerily beautiful landscapes by foot or bike. More than half of Alto Atacama’s staff is indigenous, and their personal stories and histories enrich a guests’ understanding of the region. Geysers, hot springs, volcano climbs, mountain biking through desert canyons, and exploring ancient Incan ruins and petroglyphs are just a few of the 30 adventurous excursions offered, always led by highly trained local guides.

Excursion Categories


These tours offer guests the

opportunity to explore the legacy left by indigenous populations, from the Lican Antai, to the Tiwanaku peoples, and later the Inca.


Our contemplative tours are designed to allow a deep immersion into the diverse topography, nature and culture of the Atacama. The varying routes were carefully considered by our expert guides to offer guests the chance of exploring the enigmas of the desert.


Our adventure tours will offer guests just that – an adventure! This range of walking and biking excursions allow the force of the Desert to be revealed with the natural energy it deserves.


These tours are our most demanding and require a minimum of two days altitude acclimatization as many of these expeditions pass over 4000 meters above sea level. From the heights of our volcanoes to the depths of our streams, these excursions present a range of unique challenges to all thrill seekers.


As the Atacama Desert is one of the driest places on Earth, it leaves the sky free of clouds, meaning that the skies above are some of the clearest in the world. Many regard this region as the best in the Southern Hemisphere to practice astronomy.

For all new FIT and small-group Reservations, up to 15 guests, IN ALTO ATACAMA


•             For bookings until September 30th , 2020.

•             Valid for stays until April 30th , 2021.

•             A deposit of only 10% will be required upon making the reservation.

•             The remaining balance will be due 6 days before check-in.

•             Cancellations will be allowed up to 5 days before check-in without penalty.

•             Black out dates: December 20th, 2020 to January 3rd, 2021 and February 12th to 21st, 2021.

•             Subject to modifications with prior notice


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