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Nayara Hanga Roa 

Visiting our hotels is much more than traveling. They are destinations, places that inspire unique, refreshing experiences that simply enrich our lives and do not leave us indifferent. The more we discover, the more we want to continue learning. We can see cultures that show us their ancient traditions. We can live experiences that are good for our souls, body and mind. We always seek innovation to deliver the best possible service. We have a challenge: that your journey does not end at the end of your stay, so you go back home with the feeling of having obtained a gift   for life.



Singular luxury made up of excellent service in an elegant atmosphere


Its well-known restaurant has been validated upon the gastronomic circles and has become a point of reference for food connoisseurs. The excellence and dedication of its menu is based on local products.


Cultural, historic and artistic surrounding, with a variety of gastronomic and activities options related to tourism and entertainment.

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